Fiona Barnes


How do you feel every morning when you open your wardrobe? Frustrated when you find outfits that don’t fit or don’t match? How often do you say ‘I’ve nothing to wear’ when looking into your full wardrobe? Do you often pick the same ‘safe’ dress and add a different scarf? How often do you shop for more of the same – another black dress some more white jeans. How many ‘old favourites’ do you have that you know you will never wear again? They all just hang there; some for many years!!

Do you dream of opening a neat tidy wardrobe filled with colour co-ordinated outfits that can be seen at a glance with the knowledge that everything in there will suit you and fit you?

Having spent the past 15 years in London organising the lives of my CEO and three executives I have decided to return to Hampshire and re-direct my organisational skills to those in need of a wardrobe re-vamp! Having run a fashion shop in Fareham for many years I feel I can give an unbiased opinion on your current outfits; advice on the styles that really suit you and advice on colour and shapes that are/aren’t flattering.

How it works

After an initial chat on the phone I will make an appointment to come to your home; the session will take approximately 3-4 hours (approx. for a 4 door wardrobe). Everything will be removed from your wardrobe; yes everything!!! We will then dissect each garment piece by piece. Those that are a definite ‘yes’ will be placed back into your newly cleaned wardrobe; those definite ‘no’s’ will be put in a charity pile, the ‘not sure’ items will be placed on my rail to deal with later in the session. I find that sturdy, matching coat-hangers make an enormous difference to the way your clothes hang and look; I can buy these on your behalf and bring them with me for an additional cost. All wire coat-hangers must go!

Once we have completed the charity pile and returned the outfits that you are 100% happy with to your wardrobe we then tackle the ‘not sure’ rail; these are then tried on, one by one, and a decision is made! These outfits have obviously been bought for a reason; the fabric, the colour, the print, but they say if you put on an outfit and take it straight off more than 3 times it has to go; how many times have you done this? I usually find that some of the ‘not sure’ outfits can be transformed with a minor alteration; a lift of the hem or maybe a slight tapering on the hips; that’s when I get my pins out and we create an ‘alterations’ pile!

By the end of the session you will be absolutely amazed at the result and thrilled each time you look inside your wardrobe! Just imagine – you will be happy with, and be able to wear, every single item in there! And leaving so much more room to refill it! Should you need help or advice buying your new outfits just ask; I would love to come shopping with you!

Your remaining items can either be donated to your favourite Charity, sold through a Dress Agency or have you ever tried a Car Boot sale; there is a great one in Titchfield most Sunday mornings!

Forget a Spa weekend – spending a few hours with me, clearing out your wardrobe, could be far more invigorating!

Based in Fareham, Hampshire, I cover Southampton, Winchester, Petersfield and Chichester areas.

Charges: £25 per hour. An average 4 door wardrobe takes approximately 3-4 hours.